Comedy Fun Fun, USA

So you moved to a big ol’ city because you want a career in comedy? You may have heard that it’s all about performing at open mics, taking the right classes to connect with industry professionals, and regularly posting hilarious content on Twitter. That advice might be true, but there’s also an easier way. Go out and buy yourself a pair of overalls.

There are several ways you can brand yourself as an overalls-wearing comedian who is very haha funny. First, you can go for an oversized, light-wash pair with mustard stains from your neighborhood thrift store. This look says: “I accidentally found myself here at this bar. I am but a lowly farmhand. Kidding! I’m a haha comedian, you guys! Validate me with your laughter, strangers!!”

You could also go the sleek, trendy route, with a black, skinny-cut pair from Madewell that has numerous unnecessary zippers. This look says: “Why yes, I’m in the talks with a certain online streaming network about doing a very serious comedy exclusive. I am also eating Saltines for a year to afford this luxury purchase. Haha comedy is my life.”

Some comedians even invest in overalls of the white, straight-leg, rolled-at-the-ankle variety. This look says: “I am haha funny because I am hot, and that’s how things work. Also, I live in LA. Do you remember Vine?”

Overalls aren’t for everybody. If you’re a comedian with an aversion to overalls, then please be prepared to readily identify yourself with one or more of the following: an infant-sized beanie; a bushy mustache with long hair and no beard; an ironic instagram handle; the stench of marijuana. Otherwise, how will anybody be able to tell that you’re haha omg lol lmao funny?? We’re rooting for you.

— A Well-Mannered Grump