Allentown, PA

Just this morning the world was taken by storm as an opinion piece in “The SchMuhlenberg Weekly,” a liberal arts college newspaper, was an opinion.

The campus was buzzing this morning as mingling co-eds discussed the progressive ideas written about in the article. “I thought it was really well thought-out, written for all the right reasons, and not in any way self-serving,” said second-semester junior Emily Feinstein. Emily wasn’t the only one to applaud the piece of writing. On social media, people wrote many words of praise. Below are just a few examples pulled from Facebook, Twitter, and Snap (duh).

Emily Shapiro: “This is exactly what our community needed!! #Woke”

John Green: “I love the use of words and letters and sentences and such”

Emily Cohen: “This is inspiring! This is relatable! This is gospel! #singiton”

John Blue: “As a man and an ally, I agree!” #skibbidybahbeedoozweedaBOW


After much success with his first opinion piece, students are begging the writer for more. Next, they’ve asked him to cast his ideas on other topics the students definitely care about. This masterpiece is only fourteen hours young, but it’s potential, well, dare I say... is endless.

— A Well-Mannered Grump

*After reading the article below, I think I’m officially never responding to any donation emails when I’m older*