Jessica Feeling Good About Herself Today

Farmington, CT

Thanks to social media, we live in a world where we can keep up to date with our friends and family almost constantly. This is how we were able to keep tabs on Jessica Lowe. Lowe made a post on Instagram this Saturday morning at 11 am. Lowe just wanted everybody to know that she was having a completely authentic, down the earth, and  “in the moment” good day. She definitely was not speaking attention hoping it would solve her deep insecurity problems.

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Sure the picture is a short term solution for Lowe’s insecurity. A few hundred likes and a few insincere comments later, Lowe would likely feel a little better about herself. This feeling would wear off. It always does. Perhaps it was her intention or maybe it wasn’t but everyone now knows Jessica Lowe needed to share with the general public that she was “feeling good about herself today”. 

There is an important distinction being made here. Someone “feeling good about themselves” is very different than someone needing others to see that they are “feeling good about themselves”.

Today we live in a world where people are becoming fans of their friends, rather than friends with their friends. This drives people to put a mask on and pretend things are perfect on the internet. This mask will inevitably carry over to face to face interactions where we will inevitably turn to our screens, our fake life when uncomfortable.

-A Well-Mannered Grump