Somewhere Near, The Wall

A Diary Entry.

Donald J. Trump In Deep Presidential Thought.

Donald J. Trump In Deep Presidential Thought.

Hello America it’s me Donald Trump. I am the president and I had to think real hard today. I’ve been told that social media is a good way of influencing my constituents which was the word on my word of the day calendar this morning. Very interesting word. Very helpful. 

Anyways, many of my people have been big fans of the Mexican clubs I’ve been making. Of course Hillary Clinton and her army of dirty feminism womens call them a very wrong and very inappropriate concentration camp. So yes, I decided to take a visit to my most popular Mexican club and take a picture with my Mexicans.

I made the very good choice to make the picture a selfie, which is a picture I take of myself, that is what a selfie is. I click the picture and bam a very good one comes out. Then my photographer who I told I wanted to take the picture too told me “why don’t you add a filter and be real artsy if you’re such an artist, it’s not like I do this for a living or anything”. 

I thought of the idea at this point to put a filter on the picture. And I had the hard task of learning how to do this. Turns out it is just a singular button. Then I have all these choices. So I choose the filter that looks the silliest and most whimsical because the Mexicans have always found me to be very funny a very good joke teller. I say whimsical because it was on my word of the calendar a few days ago. I recommend these calendars. Very cool thing. A good invention.

Anyways, I have a haircut appointment and my wife keeps bugging me to come out to the car. I’m hoping to get a “dreadlocks”, also a word of the day. Moral of this story I like Mexican’s and spend a good time with them and like black hair. Thumbs up to me. The president.

-Donald J. Grump