Boca Raton, FL


Recent newlyweds Becky and Bobby Bishop are sooo cute in their Instagram posts but they are known around the Boca Raton community center as FBRF’s of “Facebook Ranting Fucks”. It their Facebook related behavior that earned them this title and what prompts us to write this story.

You see Bobby Bishop in particular likes to make sure the internet knows he thinks his jokes are funny. He’ll often use the 🤣 emoji reaction on everything he posts. While these actions aren’t necessarily grounds for complete social damnation, the dude is real close to being canceled. His latest antic may have pushed him over the edge. 

Below is a screenshot of Bishop’s latest post which has received quite a bit of backlash.


Let’s unpack this. The post was made at 2:25am. Now Bobby was at work at 8:30 the next morning, which means he was probably on his phone badmouthing his recent bride while she was sleeping beside him. Which in his defense is probably something Epstein would do. 

Diving deeper the he spells too as to and made his own hashtag.

While all of this is disturbing perhaps what is the biggest red flag are the 4 likes, 3 shares, and one wayyy too supportive comment!

Now, that screenshot was taken early on and many people were not awake to engage with it. The next morning however, it blew up and well… long story short, Bobby and his wife have announced their plans to move to North Miami and continue their antics. 

You may be wondering how Becky Bishop reacted to the whole situation. She was willing to give us a quote but not a sit down interview. 

“I don’t think he understands exactly what Epstein did. I made a vow. Unfortunately, using his comparison, I chose a pretty bad cellmate. Maybe we will think before we post in the future or maybe we’ll just live in a lot of different places is Florida.” commented Becky Bishop.

-A Well-Mannered Grump