Entry Level Job Requires 6:00 Mile And 2-3 Years Of Experience

Chicago, IL

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Ah yes, another day on the job searches another entry-level job posting with the prerequisite of  literally having that same job for two to three years and having to run a 6-minute mile.

Krista Kraft (23) was on the hunt for her first job in the real world, or at least as real as corporate America can be and she stumbled upon a job posting on ZipRecruiter. The posting was precisely what she was looking for, an entry-level position in marketing that required a bachelor's degree and offered full benefits. BUT THESE MOTHER FUCKERS LIED! 

Yup, turns out all entry-level positions are actually soul-sucking jobs that require you to have had your soul sucked out by a similar job that you can’t get because OF THE GOD-DAMN LIES OF CORPORATE AMERICAAAAA!

We feel for Krista. To help any other of you job hunters avoid confusion below is a guide.

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-A Well-Mannered Grump