New iPhone 11 Has 5 Built-In Full-Size Polaroid Cameras

Apple, HQ

The new look iPhone 11.

The new look iPhone 11.

These afternoon folks gathered the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino for an Apple special event in which the iPhone 11 was revealed. The phone has many new innovative and exciting features, among those, were the 5 fully sized Polaroid cameras on the back of the new piece of technology.

The tech world was a buzz seconds after the announcement. Many of the brightest minds in the silicon valley are saying this is one small step for man kind and 5 full-sized Polaroid cameras on the back of a mobile phone.

“Yah it’s a brilliant Idea. The first thing I look for in a mobile phone is it to weight a minimum of 20 lbs.” said Python McCode, 

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been hearing praises from every corner of the globe.  “I was debating the fifth full-sized camera but then I thought to myself “ya know what, YOLO.” said Cook.

Below is a gallery of happy customers enjoying their new iPhone 11.

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