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We’ve all had it happen to us. You’re on a crowded train and as you look up from your phone for a just a mere second you accidentally make eye contact with another commuter. Now, this is an accident and shouldn’t be seen as a behavior with malicious intent, that is, if you didn’t make eye contact with a straight white man.

You see if you make eye contact with a straight white man (SWM) there's a chance you’ll into stone, as the modern day Medusa is obviously the ever worsening state of the SWM. For those that manage to evade life as a statue they have to face sitting on the train knowing there is a sexual deviant just a few feet away.

To play devil’s advocate and because I am sure some of you men loving baboons want to say “wahhhh not allls mens ares bads”. Well sure but also this man in particular was Louis CK.

I mean if there's one thing that America knows by now that the TV and the internet tell every side of the story and is always and unequivocally morally correct and the TV has told us a lot lately that SWM are all little stool swinging sex driven class A felons. This story just proves the point.

Betsy Banks was the victim of accidental eye contact on this sad August 14th, which will be a day people remember for the rest of history. 

“ I just don’t understand why everyday on my way to work I always make eye contact with Louie CK!” said Banks. 

Below is a guide to avoid Louis CK’s man eyes while on the train on your way to a business job because you’re a woman with a job at a business!

How To Avoid Louis CK.

How To Avoid Louis CK.

Go get-em ladies!

-A Well-Mannered Grump