Trump Thinks Fox News Isn't Doing Enough To Promote His Presidency, Donaowd Wants Fun Cawtoon Where He Is A Supawhewo

Washington, D.C.

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President Donald J Trump tweeted some critical words for the Fox News network on Wednesday proclaiming that the network “isn’t working for us anymore”. While he made a point to say they should start looking for a new news outlet because Fox News “isn’t sufficiently loyal to him.” we all know it’s because Mr. Trump wants a silly wittle cawtoon where he is a supahewo and Fox just won’t give it to him.

Fox News has declined to speak with us about the president's most recent comments, however when we approached news anchor and known “really big fan of Trump”  Bret Baier he had the following to say. “We’ve never done anything but blindly back President Trump's every last wish and command, the idea that we do not support him is almost as preposterous as a black Ariel”.  

While we're sure President Trump is not exactly on the mark when it comes to his analysis of Fox News and their support of his presidency we are fairly certain that President Trump won’t be able to admit to an error in judgment. For this reason, we here at Grump would like to make a bid to become President Trump’s official news outlet. 

Below is our best attempt to make President Trump a comic that makes him look like a “real cool guy”.

Donald Trump Is A Cool Guy.png

Thanks for being you Donald!

-A Well-Mannered Grump