President Trump Makes The Cool Cabinet Members Laugh During State Fair Presentation

The Oval, Office

The state fair has been a long-standing tradition in the White House. This year, however, President Trump wanted to switch things up a bit. Normally the nation's best and brightest young minds bring their projects to the White House. This year President Trump had a very funny joke that he wanted to make sure the cool cabinet members saw, so they knew he was cool too. 

President Trump gave a presentation on the state of Florida, he focused on Hurricane Dorian and how it kinda looks like a dick.

The administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Andrew Wheeler said “ His antics are generally sophomoric and immature this, however, crossed the line for me. The environment is not something to be joked about. Not a fan.” 

Trump responded by calling Wheeler “a snowflake with bad taste in pee-pee ha ha’s”, “a women’s soccer player”, and “obviously not one of the cool cabinet members”.

In contrast to Wheeler, Attorney General William Barr found the dong gag (lol) an absolute masterpiece of a joke. “It was an absolute riot and not like one of those civil rights riots… those don’t matter as much as this very funny wang schtick (lawl),” said Barr. 

Below is the full presentation Mr. Trump gave that landed him a permanent spot at the cool kid's table.

-A Well-Mannered Grump