Trump Throws Chalk In Air Before Every Press Conference

Washington, D.C.

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Ritual. Everyone does it in one form or another. For some ritual is watching football every Sunday morning for others, it’s throwing two fists full of chalk in the air before every press conference they attend. 

The latter is the case for ur boi Donny J, el numero 45, President Donald Trump.

“It’s a ritual I thought of myself that the people seem to really enjoy. I do it very well. Better than I’m sure anyone else could.” said President Trump. Naturally, he was meet with some backlash from the general population who believed he ripped off NBA superstar Lebron James. President Trump quickly extinguished any doubt in the minds of his haters when he sent out a tweet with the caption “see video evidence it was me who invented it. I am icon”. 

Below is the contend of the tweet. It is clear the President learned how to use GIPHY just minutes before sending out this tweet.

-A Well-Mannered Grump